When I was a little kid I used to spend entire days at my auntie’s workshop, with my eyes wide open observing the creative process, eager to absorb all the knowledge. I used to admire them cutting, glueing, sewing. The smell of leather, the sound of the sewing machines that hardly ever stopped working. I really enjoyed feeling with my own fingertips the different textiles, observing the patterns. The bags, in all their glory, I already knew creating was my dream. I knew that, because of the strong sensations I just could not get enough of.

Paola Bonacina​


Every Paola Bonacina bag is of extreme quality, created with luxurious and authentic leathers, chosen on by one: unique shades of which you won’t be able to take yours eyes off. Textiles cut in heaven, fabric sewed by angels. Every bag has its own unique way of existing, every bag will feel different.


Paola Bonacina is driven her immense passion for aesthetics, and the thorough attention for every detail is a must in her creative world.

Paola’s creation want to tell a story, they want to tell the world something about you. This is why they are not like any other bags, they will become a part of your life you won’t be able to do without.